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About Brandsma BV

When you're thinking about cables, we want you to think about Brandsma BV. That's what we want to achieve and we'll try our best to make that happen. Most of our product are in stock and   we will always try to get your order shipped to you in 24 hours. Our advice is always objective and we will gladly help you with the design and development of your product. Above all, service is our first priority.

Brandsma in a nutshell

  • Personal & Solution Oriented Service
  • Large stock & Delivery within 24 hours
  • Objective Advice
  • Design & Development
  • Thorough & Specialized Knowledge
  • Years of Experience


Years of experience, execllent knowledge and our personal and solution oriented service is what makes Brandsma BV your partner of choice; Not only for the supply of products, but also for consulting, development and support.


Supplier for all around wires & cables

Brandsma is specialized in wires and cables. Especially those cables that are not available at standard technical wholesalers. Besides that, Brandsma is supplier of all products necessary for mounting, sealing, connecting, protecting (mechanical, electrical or thermical), bundling and marking wires and cables. We work from our office in Dordrecht, located in the Netherlands.

Always a solution

Brandsma BV is not just a supplier for all around wires and cables, but with their years of experience and thorough and specialized knowledge of electrical interconnection they also offer a helping hand in the development of your product. Brandsma is flexible, innovative and cooperative. Brandsma BV does everything to satisfy its customers needs.


Specialist with Commitment

Commitment - both for the customer and the supplier - is part of our company philosophy. This means that we will do everything for our customer and have a very close cooperation with only a select number of reputable manufacturers. As a result, we really are a specialist.


Added Value

We go far in our commitment and our service. But Brandsma's capabilities go beyond customer specific customisations and product kits. Our specialization allows customers to benefit from our expertise in design, realization (prototyping) and optimization of the total installed cost. Our knowledge, combined with brand independence, leads to a broader, more objective and better advice than from a single manufacturer and a deeper collaboration than you would expect from a purely logistics oriented wholesale.



The market is changing. Brandsma moves along and is aware of the latest developments in electrical engineering. Market demands for knowledge of products at the border of electro-mechanical have also led to even more possibilities. So now, Brandsma BV is also your partner partner for low- and medium volume mechanical parts, such as front panels (including surface treatments and printing) flight cases and specific extrusion and casting products in plastic and metal.


History & Market

Thrity-five years ago, Brandsma BV saw the possibilities of Raychem and in 1985, became the first Raychem distributor in the Benelux! Our approach, service and commitment, have made us a reliable supplier for electrical connection products. We are supplier for e.g. Alstom, ASML, DAF, Stork, and many other large and international organizations, including, for example, the supplier industry. Our customers are mostly active in cable assembly, medical electronics, defense, aerospace, engineering, and MRO. Thit approach, service and commitment led to strong partnerships with brands like Bentley-Harris, Panduit and TE Connectivity.

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Electrotechnical Solutions for your line of business?
Brandsma BV has the knowledge and the products available!