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Brandsma is a specialized supplier of wiring devices, equipment and vehicles since 1985. In this field we are a supplier and a distributor of the leading manufacturers. In some cases, a more creative solution is sought, in these cases Brandsma BV creates products under its own name. Sometimes because the products can be low-priced and sometimes because the products did not yet exist.

   This can be plastic and metal injection molding, milling, extrusion or sheet metal products.
   For more information about this visit our services . Or shrink tubing, for example. Besides all
   the renowned brands sometimes something special
   is needed, for example colored lines with a special shrink ratio, specific thicknesses, extra
   large sizes. Brandsma also supports smaller projects, which are in need of a customized

   Below is a list of shrink tubing of our own brand:


3:1 shrinking tubing, in uncommon colors available in the most common sizes.

Green,gray and orange heat shrinks


2:1 shrinking tubing, in uncommon colors available in large sizes 2 ", 3", 4 "and 5"
(51 mm, 76 mm, 102 mm and 127 mm diameter) .

6:1 black

A heat shrink tubing with a shrink ratio of 6:1
In sizes 33/5.5 and 44/7.4 available in lengths of 1.2 meters. Solid putty like adhesive

3:1 transparent

A shrink ratio of 3:1 transparent ( clear )
In sizes 50/17 and and 75/25 available in lengths of 1.2 meters.
Among other to hydraulic hoses and cables with plugs out to provide a protective shrink sleeve labels


A shrink ratio of 3:1 yellow / green tubing for ground marking. Available up to a maximum of 76mm (3 ")


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