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Heat Shrinkable Tubing and colors

Mostly heat shrinkable tubing is produced from Polyolefine, which is quite transparent. By adding pigments it can be given a color, and in some cases the material properties will be improved.

See also the page UV-resistance heat shrinkable tubing about the relation between color and UV resistance!

Do you still have questions after reading the below information? Than please take contact with us.


Black is the most used color for heat shrinkable tubing. It is a comon color in industrial applications and improves the already good UV resistance of Polyolefine heat shrinkable tubing.

Transparant is the standard color for specific heat shrinkable materials. Examples are Teflon (PTFE), Kynar (PvdF) and FEP. Only in certain cases these can be supplied in other colors. Ask for more information if you would need this!

Other colors Some types of heat shrink tubing can be supplied in a range of colors. These colors are identical to the international standard for color coding as i.e. described on Wikipedia in which each of 10 colors represent a number from 0 to 9.
Ofte this number is used to represented the color in the productcode of heatshrink tubing (so, the other way around)!

The 10 IEC colors and the related number:
black (0), brown (1), red (2), orange (3), yellow (4), 
green (5), blue (6), purple (7), grey (8), white (9)
PS: The 'color' transparant (more often called 'clear') is represented by an 'X' at Brandsma!

Most common colors:
black, red, yellow, green, blue, white, transparant (clear)
With shrinkratio 3:1 we stock these colors up to diameters of 39 mm.
In shrinkratio 2:1 even up to 127 mm diameter!

Only few types of heat shrink tubing are available in brown, orange, purple or grey. In shrink ratio 3:1 we however do stock some of these in sizes from 3 to 39 mm diameter.

Black heat shrinkable tubing is stocked in diameters of up to 180 mm! Larger diameters are no problem, but just no stock item.

Special colors

Special colors are only available on request. Depending on the diameter this leads to a higher MOQ. Special requests like the RAL 5015 heat shrink tubing with adhesive that we supply to one of our customers.

Even silver heat shrinkable tubing is a possibility. In these cases however expect a large minimum order quantity that could be hundreds of meters (or more for very small sizes). Contact us to discuss your application!


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