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Shrinking with a torch

In certain circumstances it can be necessary or time saving to apply heat shrinkable tubing with a torch. 

When electricity is not available, when the heating capacity of a heater is insufficient or when the proces would be to time consuming, the use of a gas torch can be the choice to maken.

See our page how to shrink heat shrinkable tubing for the general description of heat shrinking. Below more info and a video specifically for the use of a gas torche.


A gas torch can have a heat output, well beyond that of a regular 2000 Watt electrical heating gun. The use of the hotter flame and the fact that you are working with 'open fire' makes following rules for safety even more important. Please assure yourself of your personal safety as well as for your surroundings!

A picture says more than a 1000 words

Again, please see the page how to shrink heat shrinkable tubing for a thorough desciption of the process to be followed. The below video shows the application of a gas torch for shrinking a thick wall adhesive lined MTWM heat shrinkable tubing with a supplied diameter of 85 mm.

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