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Heat Shrink Tubing UV resistance

Most heat shrinkable tubing is made of Polyolefine, which has a good UV resistance. The pigments giving a heat shrink tubing it's color can however deteriorate under influence of UV radiation, like under direct sunlight. This depends on the specific color and the pigments used.

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Colors and UV resistance

  1. Black heat shrinkable tubing is the optimum color under UV radiation. The black color is created by using carbon (carbon black) as a pigment. Carbon is a well known UV blocker, avoiding UV radiaton to enter the substrate, thus improving UV resistance, also for less resistant materials than Polyolefine
  2. Relatively sensitive colors to UV radiation are red and orange. A red Polyolefine heat shrinkable tubing will in time loose it's brilliance, which does not necessarily mean that the material itself has deteriorated!
  3. White heat shrinkable tubing can lightly be affected by getting somewhat yellow. Above that white is by nature sensitive for getting a smudgy look under influence of dirt and grease.
  4. Relatively uninfluenced by UV radiation are the colors yellow, green, bllue, grey, purple and transparant (clear)

You can read more about the availability of heat shrinkable tubing in specific colors here!



For the optimum and longest staying color you best choose a size of heat shrink tubing that has to shrink a lot for your application's size. The pigment density is then the highest and the tubing itself will also benifit from extra thickness and rigidity.

For the protection of i.e. fluorescent tubes we have a special very clear UV resistant heat shrink tubing : RT-375

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