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Brandsma BV offers both standard and custom made cabling products for the industry. Always in stock, and delivered within 24 hours! Brandsma offers virtually everything in the field of cable and wire for the industry. Think of, for example, cabling products to protect, mark or connect, such as cables, heat shrink and connectors.

Specifications & Reputed Brands

Brandsma BV has knowledge and expertise of cabling products, systems, and applications within various industries. Our cabling products meet all requirements, standard, needs and are effective, efficient and in time! We offer both standard and customized products and services within the electrical engineering of various industries. Brandsma BV has almost all products for every industry in stock and always tries to deliver within 24 hours. Our products for the industrial sector are always from the highest quality and reputable brands, such as:

  • Bentley Harris
  • Panduit
  • Raychem


Customized products

Brandsma BV offers both standard and customized products for the industry.
For example: specific sizes of heat shrink. Are you looking for a specific solution? Brandsma BV will gladly assist you further.


   Loyal Customers in the Industry


Large transparent
adhesive heat shrink

Heat shrink RT-375
Low outgassing

Printed cable ties

Application: Protecting markings on cables with transparent heat shrink with glue. The heat shrink should be able to be pushed over the connectors for fast mounting.

Customer: For customer Abird that rents tools in construction, Brandsma BV developed this product that did not exist earlier. Companies that sell hydraulic hoses also benefit from this product, which is able to shrink from 75 to 25 mm.

Application: Use of heat shrink tubing in a vacuum, in which outgassing of materials is normally too high and affects sensitive equipment.

Customer: ASML in Veldhoven produces machines that internally work with a high vacuum. Outgassing of substances condenses on the very costly and sensitive optics in the machines.
Thanks to RT-375 low outgassing heat shrink, this problem was solved.

Application: Marking products with printed cable ties. A solid marker that can be retrofitted. The tie itself is possibly a bundling method or color marking.

Customer: Eriks (Alkmaar) marks pipes with a year (cable tie color) and text marking, for approval identification.

Have a look at hot stamp marking and marking ties.


Catalogs & Datasheets

For specific products, have a look at the product, application and brand pages or look at your specific industry. Of course you can also just contact Brandsma!


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Electrotechnical solutions for an industrial sector?
Brandsma BV has the knowledge and the products available!