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Insulation tubing

To protect various type of electrical wiring and connections, Brandsma offers among other solutios also non shrinking insulation tubing. Brandsma always has about 100 kms of heat shrinkable tubing and insulation tubing in stock. You can rely on us to make up your choice in the wide range we offer! For example our PVC insulation tubing for manufacturers of appliances and the automotive industry. For applications that include export to countries where UL and/or CSA approval is critical, we offer a range of products with the needed approvals. For example our Panduit insuation tubing is UL and CSA certified, which we offer even in small quantities of one single spool!

Brandsma offers you the right product, in time, and even in smaller quantities. Apart from insuation tubing we also offer intrumentation tubing for example.


  • Various materials, i.e. PVC, PE, PTFE (Teflon)
  • A vast range of diameters
  • Insulation tubing with DIN approval
  • Insulation tubing UL 300 V, UL 600 V and CSA-approval
  • ASTM D-922, MIL-I-630 type F, Grade C
  • Printing service, ask for the possibilities
  • Appr. 100 kms of heatshrinkable and insulation tubing in stock


Sizes and colours

  • Material PVC. Other materials as PE, PTFE etc. on demand
  • Wall tickness 0,5 mm
  • All sizes are inside diameters
  • Supplied in bundles (coiled, but without reel)
  • Up to size 6,0 mm : 100 meters per bundle. Larger sizes : 50 meter per bundle
  • Standardcolor is black, other colors on request (red, yellow, green, blue, grey, white and clear)
  • Available sizes:
    * 0,5 mm / 75 mm
    * 1 to 5 mm in steps of 0,5 mm
    * Starting from 5 mm in steps of 1 mm
    * Starting from 14 mm in steps of 2 mm
    * Size above 20 mm at request


Gevlochten Kous

A better alternative to insulation tubing is often offered by braided sleeving, heatshrinkable tubing or coorugated tubing. Braided tubing is available in more types and variations than you likely can imagine. Brandsma is supplier of the most specialized brand in this field - Bentley-Harris - and supplied all kinds of braided sleeves for mechanical, electrical and thermal protection.




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