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New Tyco labelprinter

Thermal transfer printer to replace T300, T400, TTD and TTP series printers

The TE3124 thermal transfer printer is Tyco Electronics’ new, high performance, mid-range
printer series designed for use with the full range of Tyco Electronics identification marker sleeves, cable markers and thermal transfer labels. The 600 dpi print head produces outstanding quality text, barcodes and graphic images. This light weight, high print accuracy printer replaces the Tyco Electronics T300, T400, TTD and TTP series printers.

Key Features

• Approved to print entire range of Tyco Electronics thermal transfer Identification products
• Ships with standard 600 dpi print head producing outstanding print quality and bar code clarity
• Light weight with small foot print 
• Prints both small and large label with precision, ideal for small labels and 2.4 sized marker sleeves
• Simple ribbon and media loading procedure with automatic calibration
• Lower price than existing T312M

Bekijk de TE3124 brochure  (4 MB)...