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R1-Sjaak sponsoring (UK)

Brandsma BV sponsors world traveller Sjaak Lucassen at his newest challenge.

Since 1992 Sjaak has become known by the public as a motorbike world traveller. He now has completed 6 sponsored adventures, which he commented in bike magazines, books and at numerous lectures. Being an enthusiastic motor rider myself I (Ronald Brandsma) met him first at such a lecture organized back in 2001 by our accountant BDO.
Ever since then I frequently followed his imaginative adventures. His stubborness to travel on race bikes no matter the terrain and conditions appears unbelievable to me. However fond of all means of fast transport I doubt that I would dare making the same choice like Sjaak does.

Sjaak's newest challenge starts end of January 2013, when he goes from USA's most northern point to the most southern point. Not from the most northern road, but further north where no road is to be found. Therefore he will have to cross 1500 km of rough terrain crossing the ice of the frozen Beafortsea. At temperatures as low as 40 or 50°C ... below zero!

These are demanding conditions for Sjaak and his equipment, about which you can read more at his website Nevertheless Sjaak will perform the trip like always on a Yamaha R1 racebike, which has been heavily modified for the occasion. It will be towing a trailer that becomes a sledge on the ice and will contain 300 litres of fuel for the part on the ice, a generator, and he will be sleeping in it.

Brandsma BV sponsors Sjaak with the electrical equipment. The wire harness, LED and Xenon lighting, and electrical modifications to the bike. A central regulating unit has been made for the heating equipment in Sjaak's gloves, jacket, trousers, socks and helmet.
To ensure that Sjaak's extra electrical equipment will be up to the callenge's condititions and will put little extra strain on the already stressed R1.

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PS: At the last picture the trailers is far from finished, but nevertheless photographed for a story in a newspaper.